It is likely that when your pension matures, your existing pension provider will offer you an annuity. However, this may not be the best income you can buy at retirement. You have the right to exercise your Open Market Option which simply means we can shop around for you to get the best annuity rate. We are whole of market in this particular area and can help you get the best annuity.

  • Is an annuity the best option for me?

Let our team of expert Financial Advisors review your retirement options and offer you the best advice to suit your circumstances. The first consultation is at our expense and there are no obligations moving forwards.

Enhance your income with an Enhanced Annuity

An enhanced annuity (also known as an impaired life annuity, ill health annuity or smoker annuity) pays you a higher retirement income than a standard annuity because of your health and lifestyle. It’s probably easier to qualify than you think. There are many different medical and lifestyle conditions that providers often take into account. Even things like relatively mild health conditions (high cholesterol for example), could present an opportunity to secure a higher level of income, guaranteed, for the rest of your life. Get in touch with one of our advisers to see if we can secure you an enhanced income in retirement.

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