Lasting Power Of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney is something every family should have.   Unfortunately not everyone knows about them.

We automatically assume that loved ones will be able to make decisions for us in times of crisis but sadly this isn’t the case. Have you tried to change the options of your TV package if you are not the account holder?? Imagine if this was the case for ALL decisions.

Should you become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for any reason, for example a stroke, a bump to the head or dementia, a Lasting Power of Attorney will ensure your affairs are kept in order and ensure day to day and critical decisions are made by the people you trust NOT by the courts. Even joint bank accounts could be frozen. They are just as important as a Will.
This could cost you huge sums in the long term not to mention hours of inconvenience and stress caused by dealing with the courts to gain legal authority, when you could do this simply with a Lasting Power of Attorney.

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