Trusts are a legal basket that can hold your assets for you or your loved ones to benefit from without losing control. In short they can ensure that your hard earned assets do not end up in the hands you did not intend them to.

Trusts can be established either as part of your will or during your lifetime so you can have the benefit of your assets whilst protecting them against loss, however that may happen.

Trusts can be complicated legal documents. As such we partner with Accord Legal services to ensure the very best legal advice.

Did you know the cost of care, should you require a care home in the future is on average £35 000 per year and rising? Should you or your spouse require care your estate could deteriorate extremely quickly, leaving your family very little to inherit.

Would you want your 18 year old son or daughter to inherit a large sum of money without some sort of control?

These are examples of where a trust and the right Will may help.

Trusts also protect against the cost of Probate, meaning you could save thousands of pounds off the price a solicitor would charge, usually saving more than the initial cost of a trust, not to mention the fact that you can access the asset immediately, not waiting often months for probate to be granted.

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