Wills are legal documents stipulating your wishes for your assets and belongings, known as your estate, when you finally pass away.

Without a will in place, your belongings are distributed via the laws of intestacy; meaning people you may not even like could end up with shares of your estate.

It is imperative you have the right will in place to ensure this does not happen.

For example, what would happen to your child’s inheritance should you die and your husband or wife remarry and not have a will? Unfortunately your children could and probably would receive nothing.

If you have young children and haven’t stipulated who should look after them in the event of you and your partner passing, then they could end up in care whilst the courts decide. How long does this take? It could be months. If you have children you really must have a will.

having the right will in place can ensure your assets and belongings not only go to the people you want them to but also can protect against losses.

For example the costs of care should you require to go into a care home, can very quickly reduce the value of your estate. If you own your own house, the correct will can protect against losing it to pay for Care fees. It is estimated that 1 in 3 women will require Care at some point during their lives and with the average Care Home costing £35000 per year, your could end up leaving your loved ones virtually nothing.

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